Rick ‘Dogwater Dick’ Spagnola has spent over 14 years building and perfecting the studio experience at Dogwater all in the comfort of a home studio setting.

Book now for recording, mixing and mastering or if you have tracks already recorded, Rick can professionally Mix and/or master your tracks.

We do as much or as little as you want.


(775) 636-5987


Who Am I?

Rick “Dogwater Dick” Spagnola Has recorded, mixed, and mastered thousands of tracks with great bands like these:

Nick Ramirez, Cryptilians, Asphalt Socialites, Justus, Lost Idea, ‘Jack’ Danny Horton, Felipendejo, Post Humous, Rebel’s Ghost, The Will Shamberger Band, Basement Tapes, Ghost Cat, The Side Room, Triflin’ Birches, Luke Knudsen, The Grimtones, Lincoln Skins, LNOY, Jonothan Louis, A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, The Shames, Blunderbusst, Cell, Dustbowl Salesman, Metalbilly Trucker, Pink Awful, Vague Choir, Donkey Jaw, Jenni Ojibwe, Murderock, Roxxy Collie, Prince Robot, Sit Kitty Sit, Reptile Roots League, Frankly Fictitious, Grimedog, Treedom, Los Pistoleros, Failure Machine, Infecto Skeletons, Weapons of Mass Creation, Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame, Actors Killed Lincoln, Eddie and the Subtitles, Stabby Unicorn, Common Mishap, SWIGS, One Ton Dually, Wheatstone Bridge, Principles, 33 Black, Me Time, The Riptide Bandits, Kill On Command, Hot Rod Rebellion, Moons of Vega, Machine Gun Vendetta, Ichthyosaur, Goldiehawn, Michelle Pappas, Decoy, The Hard Luck Boys, Pressure Drop, Mister Risky, The Vampirates, Six Mile Station, Qarin, CandyShoppe, Big Remote, Aversion Therapy, The Doctors of Feel Good, Rocking Horse People, Slut Fungus, Red Mercury, Idol Smasher, Karma, Rigorous Proof, Present, Pinky Polanski, The Madorians, Serenity Awaits, Mind’s Eye, Miscreated, Walk of Shame, The Hesh Mode, Knowledge Lives Forever, The Big Bad, Post War, Man the Tanks, Tongue’stide, Betty Rocker, The Kanes, Victims of the Cave, Lil Mijho, Walk of Shame, Secure Tot Method, Atlas Frame, Hexashooter, The Liver Scars, The Scattering, The Kanes, The Trumpet Administration, Wizard Colors, Bionic Gorilla, Vintage Rose, Ditch the Pilot, The Defabulators, Glimpse, Flannel Fish, Merkin, Small Drawings, The Tides, The Enucleators, Strictly Business, Resistance, Officer Friendly, Naked For Safety, Adella, Soul Lobotomy, Nuke Vegas, Destroy the Host, Dark English, Courtesy Stitch, Slasher, Stir Crazy, Altered Ego, Good Luck Macbeth, Luke Knudsen, Nick Ramirez, Spike McGuire, Lex White, Joe Atack, Jimmy Quatro, Zack Ryan, Jonie Blinman, Larry Cooper, Eric Foreman, Gina Rose, Cedric Williams, Grant Allen, Drew Wheeler, Kayla Meltzer, Chris Chamberlain, Elspeth Summers, Adam Springob, Danielle French, Michael Engelmann, Sean Parsons, Linda Young, Lori Henry, Grace Gatsby, Kristin Pitman, Jesse Kapagian, Greg Ryssman, Dave Papaleo, Collin Pleasant, Anthony Cacibauda, Opposite Ends, Sandy Hutch, Nick Jones, Ken McKim, Cayden Linares, Nicole Gaugh, Milan Nicksic, Elizabeth Cadigan, Mac Esposito, James Dilworth, Russell Archey, The Reverend Rory Dowd, multiple live festivals, and over 450 podcasts

Dogwater Studios is the proud home of The WORST Little Podcast: An Award-Winning weekly adventure into the world of the Reno Music and Arts scene (ALWAYS fun and informative, but NEVER safe for work).

To experience the personalities and sound of a ‘Live’ Recording session at Dogwater Check it out at worstlittlepodcast.com